Frigel Introduces ModularChiller 3FX Water Cooled Central Chiller Line

Frigel, the world market leader in intelligent process cooling, has announced its ModularChiller line of central chillers now includes its new family of modular and highly energy efficient 3FX water-cooled chillers ranging from 25 to 139 tons each.

Frigel 3FX Chiller

Frigel’s 3FX chillers are available in 12 models to meet the demands of a wide range of process cooling applications

Designed for use with Frigel’s internationally patented Ecodry 3DK central adiabatic dry-cooler systems and offering engineered, automatic free-cooling capability, 3FX chillers are a key component of a digitally controlled, integrated closed-loop intelligent cooling system. These units are design specifically to build "integrated systems," either in parallel configuration (Modular Refrigeration Systems) or in series arrangement (MultiStage Refrigeration Systems).

Frigel’s 3FX chillers are available in 12 models to meet the demands of a wide range of process cooling applications, while providing industry leading energy efficiency ratios (EERs) in all working conditions. Seven models are engineered with high-efficiency Bitzer screw compressors offering 41 to 139 tons of cooling per chiller and allowing for step-less capacity modulation from 25 to 100%. Five models feature twin tandem scroll compressors providing 25 to 65 tons of cooling capacity per unit.

Each digitally controlled compact chiller has a minimal footprint and is engineered as a self-contained and complete package. Frigel offers the 3FX chillers as part of an integrated system engineered to cost-effectively and reliably deliver process cooling based on each customer’s unique operation and process cooling needs. In addition to the 3FX chiller, an integrated system includes an Ecodry adiabatic cooler and Aquagel pumping, reservoir and filtration package – all of which are modular units designed to minimize installation costs and provide for ease of expansion.

The Frigel 3PR Intelligent Control System automatically monitors and adjusts the complete system to ensure optimum performance based on a wide range of operating parameters. The controller, in combination with a central 3-way motorized modulating valve, automatically shuts down the 3FX chillers and lets the Ecodry unit deliver process water at the proper temperature where needed via ambient air flow, achieving cooling and energy savings of up to 80 percent, conditions permitting. The controller also performs self-diagnostics and provides remote control capability to help operators monitor system performance at all times, while further ensuring peak performance and maximum uptime.

About Frigel

Frigel has been a worldwide market leader in intelligent process cooling since the 1960s. Solutions include centralized cooling systems, machine-side cooling and temperature control units, and water- and air-cooled chillers, as well as advanced control technology. Foremost among Frigel’s products is Ecodry, a unique, internationally patented, closed-loop intelligent cooling system that has been proven at more than 8,000 manufacturing installations worldwide. Ecodry, an environmentally friendly cooling solution, keeps cooling water clean, delivers substantial savings on water, chemicals, energy and maintenance. Frigel also manufactures and markets the unique, cycle-time improving Microgel combination chiller/temperature control units (TCUs), as well as Turbogel and Thermogel TCUs, Aquagel pumping and filtration equipment and water- and air-cooled central chillers. For more information visit: