Frigel Launches Heat Rejection Systems Division

Frigel, a market leader in intelligent process cooling in plastic industries, announced the launch of its Heat Rejection Systems Division with the sole focus of business and product development for new industries and applications to enter. The main vehicle for this will be the new, larger and enhanced version of the adiabatic cooler range called Ecodry.

The Ecodry adiabatic cooler range from Frigel.

“Ecodry was the first true adiabatic cooler launched on the market,” said Duccio Dorin, CEO of Frigel. “Since the first versions of the late 90s, there have been many product evolutions and even today, despite many competitors taking the field, including the strongest global manufacturers of evaporative towers, Frigel is still recognized as a technological and experience leader, strengthened by patents issued and pending in many countries.”

“Our objective is to launch the larger version of the Ecodry adiabatic cooler by Q1 2021, in order to address the ever-increasing demand for larger scale cooling capacity across industries,” said Gyula Szekeres, Board Member, responsible for Business Development. “The demand for adiabatic cooling solution is expected to be fueled not only by the business targets of our potential customers, but the increasing awareness of environmental and health challenges we face. The new Division is definitely going to contribute to some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, like “Clean Water and Sanitation” as well as “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” just to highlight two of them.”

“The existing version of Ecodry satisfies the requirements of our customers providing the performance of an evaporative system with the advantages of a dry cooler system. Our adiabatic coolers drastically reduce water usage - by up to 95% vs. an open cooling tower and up to 60% vs. a closed cooling tower - all while maintaining premium energy efficiency. Now, we are about to stretch our limits, heading towards higher capacities,”
said Massimiliano Dall’Armellina, Product Manager.

“We know the convergence of technological innovation and environmental and health awareness is the right answer to the challenges our customers want to address. At Frigel, we invest in the expertise and experience to make this happen. This is just the start. Our existing and potential customers will be taking full advantage of our results,” said Dorin.

About Frigel
Frigel has been a worldwide market leader in intelligent process cooling since the 1960s. Solutions include centralized cooling systems, machine-side cooling and temperature control units, and water- and air-cooled chillers, as well as advanced control technology. Foremost among Frigel’s products is Ecodry, a unique, internationally patented, closed-loop intelligent cooling system that has been proven at more than 8,000 manufacturing installations worldwide. Ecodry, an environmentally friendly cooling solution, keeps cooling water clean, delivers substantial savings on water, chemicals, energy and maintenance. Frigel also manufactures and markets the unique, cycle-time improving Microgel combination chiller/temperature control units (TCUs), as well as Turbogel and Thermogel TCUs, Aquagel pumping and filtration equipment and water- and air-cooled central chillers. For more information, visit