ASHRAE Releases Schedule of Popular HVAC Design Training

ASHRAE Learning Institute, provider of high-quality, authoritative and credible training backed by real world applications, announced the release its 2020 HVAC Design and Operations training schedule.

“ASHRAE has the most advanced professional development program in the industry, offering practical training that incorporates solutions to improve today’s building performance issues,” said 2019-20 ASHRAE President Darryl K. Boyce, P.Eng. “ASHRAE’s HVAC Design training is a mainstay within the industry that further represents our commitment to providing avenues of development to the professionals who impact the built environment.”
HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials provides intensive, practical training ideal for recent technical or engineering school graduates and engineers new to the HVAC field. Developed by industry-leading professionals selected by ASHRAE, the training provides attendees with the fundamentals and technical aspects of HVAC design, installing and maintaining HVAC systems, that can be put to immediate use.

HVAC Design Level II – Applications provides instruction in HVAC system design for experienced HVAC engineers and those who have completed the HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials. The training covers the technical aspects of design and methods to increase energy savings through innovation in HVAC design.

In addition to record attendance at recent sessions held in Atlanta and Las Vegas, ASHRAE will offer nine more training sessions through June, including a session at ASHRAE’s Global Training Center in Dubai.

The schedule is as follows:

City                              Level I                                     Level II                       

Miami, FL                    March 9–11, 2020                  March 12–13, 2020   

Dubai (MENA)             March 15-17, 2020                 March 18-19, 2020

Austin, TX                    March 23–25, 2020                March 26–27, 2020

Atlanta, GA                 April 13–15, 2020                   April 16–17, 2020

Hartford, CT                April 27–29, 2020                   April 30–May 1, 2020

Denver, CO                  May 11–13, 2020                    May 14–15, 2020

Toronto, ON                May 18–20, 2020                    May 21–22, 2020

Vancouver, BC            June 1–3, 2020                        June 4–5, 2020

Washington, DC          June 15–17, 2020                   June 18–19, 2020

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