B&W SPIG Awarded Contract for Cooling Tower Upgrade Services

Babcock & Wilcox SPIG, Inc. (SPIG) has been awarded a contract to provide cooling tower upgrade services for BASF Dow HPPO Production BVBA’s propylene oxide manufacturing facility in Antwerp, Belgium.
SPIG will use its proven service engineering expertise to develop customized solutions to improve the performance of the plant’s existing cooling towers. SPIG also will replace eight existing cooling tower cells with new units.
“This agreement marks an important milestone in our relationship with our customers, BASF and Dow,” SPIG Managing Director Alberto Galantini said. “SPIG’s global reach and unmatched expertise in delivering custom-engineered cooling tower solutions allows us to efficiently and effectively meet our customers’ needs.”
SPIG has begun engineering on the project and is scheduled to complete its work in the second quarter of 2020. The project will be realized without impacting the plant’s production capacity.

SPIG’s experience includes wet, dry and wet/dry hybrid cooling solutions as dictated by site-specific requirements. The company supplies mechanical and natural draft systems and designs for a wide range of project specifications such as high seismic loads, vibration control, corrosion, noise control, sub-freezing operation, and seawater use.
Specialized services include preventive maintenance, equipment upgrades, replacement and spare parts, online performance monitoring, and a commitment to research and development to continually seek new and more efficient cooling system solutions.

About SPIG
SPIG is a subsidiary of Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. and a global turnkey cooling systems supplier. Since 1936, SPIG has provided customers with an extensive range of high quality cooling towers, air-cooled condensers and related services.

For more information visit www.babcock.com/spig.