SPX Cooling Video Highlights Sizes and Capacities of Marley® NC® Cooling Towers

SPX Cooling Video Highlights Sizes and Capacities of Marley® NC® Cooling Towers

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. has released a new video describing the differences in size and capacity between its three Marley® NC® cooling tower model platforms: the Marley NC8407 – a single-story tower; the Marley NC8414 – a modular, two-story tower; and the Marley NC8422 (NC Everest®) – the largest tower with the highest capacity of the three models.

The video showcases the sizes of the cooling tower models side-by-side using computer-generated schematics and a life-size human figure standing next to each tower to provide context. The towers are then shown from a side- and top-down view and their dimensions are displayed: the towers range from 12 feet in height (NC8407) to 27 feet 1 inch (the NC8422), and range in width from 11 feet 11 inches (NC8407) to 22 feet 5 inches (NC8422). Next, they are shown side-by-side and their cooling capacity is displayed, with the towers capable of a maximum 736 tons of cooling (NC8407), 1,455 tons of cooling (NC8414) and 2,189 tons of cooling (NC8422).

With the video, one can better understand the differences in size and capacity between three typical model platforms of the Marley NC cooling tower. The video can be viewed at https://spxcooling.com/video/marley-nc-series-size-and-capacity-comparison.


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