CTI Announces Thermal Performance Certification for Dry Coolers

The Cooling Technology Institute is proud to announce the inclusion of dry fluid coolers as part of its existing Thermal Performance Certification Program based on CTI Standard 201. Both forced and induced draft dry coolers are covered by the Program, cooling either water or aqueous glycol solutions. By purchasing a CTI Certified model, an Owner / Operator has the assurance that the heat rejection device will perform thermally as specified.

Currently, there are 79 Manufacturers along with 17 private brand affiliates participating in the Thermal Certification Program from all regions of the globe with 192 certified open and closed-circuit cooling tower product lines available to the market, comprising a total of over 53,000 individual models. All Manufacturers who are interested in certifying their dry fluid cooler product lines are invited to do so by filling out the Thermal Certification Inquiry form that can be found at www.coolingtechnology.org/certification-information.  

The deadline for applications for the initial round of dry cooler certification is April 29, 2022. Implementation of the certification program will begin effective June 30, 2022.

The current versions of STD 201 OM (Operations Manual) and STD 201 RS Dry
(Ratings Standard) are available for a nominal charge on the CTI Marketplace, along
with the companion Acceptance Test Code (ATC) 105 DS for dry coolers. 

For more information, visit www.coolingtechnology.org.