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Chiller Technology at Process Expo

Process Expo LogoProcess Expo 2015 was held at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago. Co-located with InterBev Process and the International Dairy Show, this event draws significant attendance from the food and beverage industries. Show producer, the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), announced final record attendance numbers with a total combined registration of 19,670 people and a total of 914 exhibiting companies occupying 334,820 net square feet.


Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Dimplex Thermal Solutions manufactures two significant brands of chillers. The US-manufactured brand is Koolant Koolers® and the German-manufactured brand is Riedel®. Their ISO-9001 certified U.S. facility is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan where they also do in-house fabrication and testing. At the show, they shared a success story recently completed at the Arcadia Brewing Company in Michigan.

A 90-ton Koolant Kooler unit, with three independent modules - each using three 10 hp scroll compressors was installed. Modularity allows maintenance to be performed on one unit while still providing 60 tons of nominal capacity. The brewing facility now has glycol available for any cooling need – with some applications requiring consistent temperatures of only 27 °F. The new chiller provides cooling jackets, on tanks in the cellar, with the ability to cool up to 3800 gallons of beer from 70 °F to 32 °F within a day – representing a drastic improvement.


Koolant at Process Expo

Bonnie Martens, Tim True, and Raschell Hickmott at the Koolant Koolers booth (left to right)

Berg Chilling Systems

Industrial ice-makers are used extensively in food processing plants, normally in post-production phases. Ice is an ingredient, for example, in high-speed mixers. Commercial fishing, produce, meat and poultry industries are some of the biggest users of cracked ice.  Berg Chilling Systems had their industrial ice making machines on display. They manufacture models able to produce from 5 to 50 tons of cracked ice per day.  Berg President Don Berggren said, “Our models are designed for food grade use. They use stainless steel ice making evaporator tubes, stainless steel perforated trough for water return and dewatering of discharge ice, and a stainless steel discharge auger for reducing ice fragments and delivering ice to the ice handling equipment.”

When asked about market trends with ice-makers and cooling systems, Mr. Berggren continued, “More factories are realizing the benefits of not applying HVAC systems to industrial processes. We are seeing more interest in customized solutions, with industrial chillers, allowing clients to realize kW and water savings. We are also seeing more utility incentive dollars being made available.”


Berg at Process Expo

Don Berggren, Evis Buli and Peeter Nielander at the BERG booth (left to right).

Frigel North America

Frigel has a significant global market share, for cooling systems in the plastics industry. They say this market share growth is due to their in-depth understanding of the manufacturing processes of their clients and their ability to deliver customized cooling systems. They call it “intelligent process cooling.”

Frigel is challenging many “it’s always been done this way” conventions. They point out that cooling towers are notorious water-wasters and recommend a closed-loop system. In some cases, they will combine this closed loop system with point-of-use chillers and temperature control units to enhance production performance while minimizing energy and water consumption.  Master chiller control systems are another technology they are beginning to deploy with more frequency.

“We’re excited to introduce this approach to the beverage industry given the value it offers for improved operational efficiencies, as well as goals associated with sustainability.” said Frigel CEO Duccio Dorin who had come over from Italy to announce their new strategic focus on the beverage industry.   “We are especially pleased with the amount of interest we’ve seen from the media, which goes a long way in our effort to educate decision-makers about the concept and the benefits that can be achieved by moving toward an advanced and more intelligent approach to process cooling.”


Frigel at Process Expo

Matteo Gallerini, Al Fosco and Duccio Dorin at the FRIGEL booth (left to right).

Thermal Care

Thermal Care is one of the largest process cooling system suppliers in the U.S. OEM Sales Manager, John Grant, reviewed their 5 to 20 ton wash-down chillers with us featuring VFD drives, R410 refrigerant and a C-UL508 control panel.  Also in the booth was the Accu Chiller portable EQ Series with air-cooled and water-cooled model sizes from ½ to 3 hp.  The air-cooled units feature generously sized condensors for industrial conditions with ambient temperatures of up to 115 ºF.

John also said they are doing more and more “systems” work for clients attempting to bring all their different cooling applications into one optimized system. “Thermal Care can provide plant –wide process cooling system designs featuring cooling towers, central chiller systems, remote condensers, water treatment and filtration, piping and valve design, and heat exchangers.”


Thermal Care at Process Expo

John Grant next to a Thermal Care wash-down chiller

ISEL Lubricants

ISEL has recently impressed me as a very technically sound company with a real focus on agility and customer service. I enjoyed speaking with the Sandler Brothers, Michael and Dan, at their booth about air compressor and refrigeration compressor lubricants. Their air compressor lubricants are formulated to withstand tough ambient conditions and are rated at 100% fluid life at 212 ºF (100 ºC). Their standard synthetic formulations have a typical fluid life of 8,000 hours with their extended-life air compressor lubricant rated for 12,000+ hours according to their literature. Their food-grade formulations are non-toxic and non-hazardous so they can be disposed of in the same manner as mineral oils. They meet H1 requirements for indicidental food contact as well as Kosher and Halal specifications. One formulation catching my eye is their advanced food-grade air compressor lubricant providing 8,000 hour fluid life at 212 ºF (100 ºC) discharge temperature. The standard food-grade lubricant is rated for 4,000-6,000 hours.

The NXT refrigeration compressor lubricants focus on ammonia, carbon dioxide and HFC/HCFC products. The ammonia products include food-grade, low-temperature and extreme low-temp compressor lubricants.


ISEL at Process Expo

Michael Sandler and Dan Sandler reviewed food-grade air compressor and refrigeration compressor lubricants at the ISEL booth (left to right).


The MOKON booth featured their water-based FULL RANGE temperature control system offering both process heating and chilling in one package. The temperature range is -20 ºF (-29 ºC) to 300 ºF (149 ºC), heating capacities go up to 96 kW, pumping capacities to 120 GPM and chilling capacities up to 40 tons.

Customized temperature control systems are right in Mokon’s wheelhouse. A snack food processor required independent water temperature control in 7 different zones of an extrusion barrel. Mokon designed a custom system, all within one cabinet, to meet the requirement of providing control from a single location. The processor benefited from the liberated floorspace and simplified electrical and plumbing installations and costs.


Mokon at Process Expo

Greg Lewis reviewed Full Range process heating and cooling units at the MOKON booth


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