Chase Cooling Systems Releases New Brewery-Specific Chiller Package

Chase Cooling Systems is proud to introduce a new chiller package, specifically configured to work with brewery applications. The plug-and-play design comes pre-assembled with all necessary adjustments already made. The package is ready for installation & startup as soon as it’s delivered.

QBE Chase Chillers

An optional stainless-steel cabinet is available on QBE series chillers.

The brewery specific package contains a chiller from the QBE series. The units have cooling capacities up to 4 tons when producing the glycol temperatures required for brewing processes. Arrangements can be made to accommodate larger needs as well. The package includes a standardized pump, compressor, and temperature control adjustments. These arrangements meet the typical needs of most breweries. Should a customer require further customization, Chase Cooling Systems does have options for non-standard set-ups.

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The compact layout of the chiller package saves users space for tight-setups, yet still provides easy access to important maintenance components. The non-ferrous fluid circuit is guaranteed not to rust and can accommodate glycol concentrations up to 50%. An optional stainless-steel cabinet, in lieu of the standard powder-coated galvanized steel cabinet, is available on QBE series chillers. The stainless-steel cabinet provides enhanced corrosion protection and cohesion with other common brewery equipment.

All brewery packages include components that have been doubly tested by highly knowledgeable staff. The testing process ensures that all equipment is ready for immediate startup upon arriving at the customer’s final destination.

About Chase Cooling Systems
Chase Cooling Systems provides quality industrial chiller equipment for nearly all process cooling needs. Products are available to serve a variety of applications & industries. Process chillers range in cooling capacity from 0.5 ton to over 300 tons. With both packaged process chillers and individual cooling accessories, Chase Cooling Systems has the unique ability to service every component in a cooling system. Experienced cooling experts see to the safe development and implementation of our chillers and equipment across the United States.
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