Danfoss VZH Inverter Scrolls

Danfoss - the third-generation commercial inverter scrolls retain the strengths of the previous version, with the addition of the Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) technology for enhanced seasonal efficiency, and a wider operating map. The products are particularly suitable for comfort reversible applications and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units.  

Danfoss Inverter Scrolls VZH

Danfoss Inverter Scrolls VZH range from 4 to 26TR.

Matthieu Stoll, Global Marketing Director A/C, Danfoss Cooling said: "The introduction of IDVs in the large models means that there's no longer a need for high- and low-pressure compressor optimization – potentially halving inventory management requirements. And the wider operating map brings huge value for strategic applications. We can accelerate the changeover from older Danfoss inverter scrolls to the third generation seamlessly."

Features and benefits of the new generation variable-speed scrolls include:

  • Prequalified Danfoss compressor and drive package for time to market and reliability
  • Accurate temperature control and humidity management for high energy efficiency and comfort
  • Low start-up current, and manageable acoustic level with variable speed technology
  • A complete line-up of models from 4 to 26 TR (up to 52 TR in hybrid tandems) all with IDV technology for superior part-load efficiency
  • Wider operating map to cover more types of applications 
  • Smaller OEM inventory on larger models with the transition from two high-, low-pressure ratio to a single IDV model

Looking to the near future, multi-refrigerant capability is in the pipeline for the VZH range, including R452B and R454B, and a version derived from VZH will also be released for R32. This will enable OEMs to respond to future challenges in the refrigerant landscape, while addressing energy efficiency regulations.

For more information visit airconditioning.danfoss.com.