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Aggreko Announces New 230-Ton Air-Cooled Screw VSD Chiller

Power generation, HVAC and oil-free air specialty rental company, Aggreko plc, has introduced a new 230-ton air-cooled screw chiller into its fleet. Powered by variable-speed technology, the units deliver best-in-class energy efficiency and increased fuel savings, and offer a wider range of process cooling capacity from 5°F to 70°F.



The new 230-ton air-cooled screw chiller from Aggreko offers a wide range of process cooling capacity from 5°F to 70°F.


Designed in partnership with Johnson Controls, the chiller supports multiple applications across many industries. Some of the applications include, worker comfort cooling, food and beverage product development as well as commercial and process applications where cooling plays a vital role to maintain operational output such as data center temperature control.

“Aggreko is proud to introduce our new line of air-cooled screw chillers giving customers another option to choose from when faced with incremental cooling capacity needs,” said Bill Carrick, Aggreko’s Managing Director of Temperature Control Services. “The new line perfectly complements our existing air-cooled chiller fleet, and allows Aggreko to provide another scalable, cost-effective solution to meet customer demand.”

Variable-speed technology allows the chiller unit to operate at several different levels. These levels include a programmable operating setting, meaning it can operate at full capacity during production hours and then be set to a lower level during off hours, resulting in lower fuel costs.

The chiller equipment also offers customers the benefit of leveraging Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring (ARM) services. ARM features Aggreko’s 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC), a unique response service staffed by expert technicians diagnosing problems, remotely fix issues and proactively prevent failures when possible. ARM’s services actively supplement customers’ operations teams, delivering the added assurance their facilities, plants and events will continue to run smoothly, saving them unanticipated downtime and capital expenditure costs.


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