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Frigel BWR Water Recovery System for Adiabatic Coolers

Frigel, the pioneer in intelligent process cooling, has taken sustainability in process cooling to new heights with the introduction today of its Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System, which gives users of the Frigel Ecodry 3DK Closed-Loop Adiabatic Central Coolers the ability to capture and reuse more water than previously possible.

For decades – and in thousands of installations throughout the world – companies with an Ecodry system have experienced the ability to automatically reduce water consumption by as much as 95 percent when compared with an open cooling tower. Now, Ecodry users who equip the unit with the optional BWR Water Recovery System stand to gain an even higher level of water savings to achieve sustainability goals and save more costs.


An Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System gives users of the Ecodry 3DK Closed-Loop Adiabatic Central Cooler the ability to capture and reuse more water than previously possible.

“Those who rely on process cooling water for production want to conserve resources because it’s environmentally responsible and it reduces operational expenses,” said Frigel North America Marketing Manager Al Fosco. “This latest innovation is another example of Frigel’s multi-faceted Diamond Service advantage, which in this case means we’ve further advanced our unique Ecodry technology to help customers minimize water use and increase profitability. It also speaks to our scientific approach to process cooling since we design and configure each system to match to every customer’s unique application and goals.”

The Ecodry unit, which conserves water as a closed-loop system, features an internationally patented adiabatic chamber that uses a mist to cool process water circulated to it from processing machines. The Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System consists of small tanks, pumps and a drip pan located beneath the Ecodry unit. Controlled by Frigel’s 3PR central control system, the system automatically catches unevaporated misting water and recycles it back into the adiabatic chamber for reuse, while simultaneously shutting off the city water supply. The system is ideal for use in unusually humid ambient conditions when small amounts of misting water can go unused. It can also be used with an Ecodry unit configured with an optional ABS Adiabatic Booster System, which uses extra water in the cooling coil chamber when needed to reach targeted process cooling water temperatures.


The optional Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System is located beneath an Ecodry 3DK Closed-Loop Adiabatic Central Cooler shown here.

The BWR automatically discharges any unused water to drain when the adiabatic function is no longer required as ambient temperatures drop. So, there is never any standing water in the system.


About Frigel

Frigel has been a worldwide market leader in intelligent process cooling since the 1960s. Foremost among Frigel’s products is Ecodry, a unique, internationally patented, closed-loop intelligent cooling system that has been proven at more than 5,500 manufacturing installations worldwide. Ecodry, an environmentally friendly cooling solution, keeps cooling water clean, delivers substantial savings on water, chemicals, energy and maintenance. Frigel also manufactures and markets the unique, cycle-time improving Microgel combination chiller/temperature control units (TCUs), as well as Turbogel and Thermogel TCUs, Aquagel pumping and filtration equipment and Heavygel central chillers. Visit for more information.