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Frigel Extends Digital Controls to Microgel RCP Chiller

Frigel has extended its digital control technology to the Microgel RCP Chiller, giving processors in demanding polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preform and large-part blow molding operations the ability to more effectively optimize productivity, profitability and quality.

Uniquely designed to deliver high-pressure and high-flow cooling water for individual processing machines, the Microgel RCP Chiller eliminates the need for central chiller systems in PET preform, large-part blow molding and high-speed multi-cavity injection molding applications. Taking the capabilities of the unit to the next level, the addition of digital controls gives the same users the ability to capture process-cooling energy consumption data and more easily adjust the unit for specific molding conditions for optimal efficiencies and cost savings.

Frigel RCP Chiller

The Frigel Microgel RCP Chiller now has digital control technology

The enhancement to the Microgel RCP Chiller is another example of Frigel’s commitment to helping processors leverage process-cooling innovations to gain a clear-cut advantage, said Frigel North America Marketing Manager Al Fosco.

“The Microgel RCP Chiller is the only machine-side chiller that provides powerful cooling with high coolant pressure and flow throughout the mold, which is essential in PET preform and large-part blow molding applications,” Fosco said. “The addition of our digital controls meets another essential need by allowing processors to more readily access process cooling data, including energy data over extended periods. As a result, processors are better able to cost-effectively and efficiently improve cycle times and consistently produce quality products in these demanding cooling applications.”

The Microgel RCP Chiller is engineered with a high-efficiency, high flow/pressure process pump, enabling it to provide turbulent flow and low temperature rise across large and multi-cavity molds. The unit also features motorized servo-modulating valves, eliminating sharp temperature peaks and valleys found with traditional on/off solenoid valves. The Microgel RCP Chiller delivers process-cooling water from 7o to 30o C (45o to 86o F).

“From ongoing innovations like the Microgel RCP Chiller to the highly scientific approach we take to every customer’s operation, Frigel is committed to delivering process cooling solutions that give processors a competitive advantage. It’s the Frigel Diamond Service advantage,” Fosco said.


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Frigel has been a worldwide market leader in intelligent process cooling since the 1960s. Foremost among Frigel’s products is Ecodry, a unique, internationally patented, closed-loop intelligent cooling system that has been proven at more than 5,500 manufacturing installations worldwide. Ecodry, an environmentally friendly cooling solution, keeps cooling water clean, delivers substantial savings on water, chemicals, energy and maintenance. Frigel also manufactures and markets the unique, cycle-time improving Microgel combination chiller/temperature control units (TCUs), as well as Turbogel and Thermogel TCUs, Aquagel pumping and filtration equipment and Heavygel central chillers. Visit for more information.