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SPX Cooling Technologies Launches Marley® ClearSky® Plume Abatement System

SPX Cooling Technologies, a global leader in evaporative cooling systems for industrial process and power plant applications, has launched the Marley® ClearSky® Plume Abatement System to help power plant operators reduce cooling tower plume and further conserve water.

 Marley Clearsky

The Marley ClearSky Plume Abatement System reduces cooling tower plume.

The Marley ClearSky system employs a series of PVC heat exchanger modules located in the tower plenum that use external ambient air to condense moisture in the exhaust air prior to exiting a cooling tower. Fewer grains of moisture escaping result in reduced plume and better water conservation. SPX Cooling Technologies, reports the system has proven to reduce a cooling tower’s water usage by as much as 20 percent compared to conventional cooling towers, depending on climatic conditions. It also facilitates permitting for power plant construction and improvements.

Designed for adaptability, the system can be incorporated into existing Marley field-erected counter flow cooling towers, making it an economical alternative compared to other solutions. The Marley ClearSky system requires less pump head, uses less auxiliary power compared to coil-type hybrid towers, and requires less piping than conventional systems. According to SPX Cooling Technologies, the system uses less energy than traditional dry systems for a positive impact on a power plant’s carbon footprint. It has also been shown to reduce icing and fouling potential.


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