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SPX Cooling Technologies Video Series on Cooling Tower Components

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative and air-cooled heat exchangers, has issued a series of videos on Cooling Tower Components. Each of the seven videos in this series focuses on one component or aspect of cooling tower technology, and discusses its function and advantages.

The first three videos in the series are presented by Ryan Miller, SPX regional sales manager. He addresses the Marley® Cooling Tower Duty Motor, the Marley NC Single Bottom Inlet and the Markey™ Drift Eliminator. In these videos, Ryan explains how each component is used in SPX technology to better performance and/or efficiency. He explains the self-cooling function of the Duty Motor, the cost-effectiveness of the Single Bottom Inlet piping method, and the patent-pending design of Markey Drift Eliminator technology.


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Regional Sales Manager, Ryan Miller, addresses the Marley Cooling Tower Duty Motor, the Marley NC Single Bottom Inlet and the Markey Drift Eliminator.


In the fourth video, Mitch Case, sales engineer, discusses a key component of the Marley MD Cooling Tower – the Mechanical Float System – explaining its function and benefit. Robert Swafford, SPX parts manager, provides an overview of the Marley HC Flow Control Valve in the fifth video of the series. He details how each component of the valve operates in the NC cooling tower and how to maintain optimal performance of the valve. The sixth video features Brent Fetters-Crouch, technical sales representative, presenting on Marley Belt Drive Components. The video covers design aspects of the components, and demonstrates belt tensioning and sheave alignment.

The final video is presented by Mark Groothuis, SPX global product manager. In this video, Mark discusses the Mechanical Vibration Switch. This is commonly used in both package towers and field-erected towers for emergency fan shut-off after the detection of excessive vibration in the tower. Together, these seven videos provide an overview of several key components of Marley cooling towers, helping customers gain a working knowledge of their function and importance.

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