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Video Explores Differences Between Stainless Steel Grades in Cooling Towers

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers, announces the release of an informational video that examines the differences between Grade 301L and Grade 304 stainless steel for cooling tower applications. 

SPX Video

In this video, SPX Cooling Technologies Materials Engineer Joe Evans discusses the science behind the material attributes of 301L and 304 stainless steel and why 301L is the preferred material for Marley cooling towers when stainless steel components are specified. While nearly identical in their chromium and nickel content and ability to resist chemical attack and corrosion in typical cooling tower environments, the low-carbon content of Grade 301L offers superior corrosion resistance at welds compared with Grade 304.

In addition, the specific grade of 301L stainless steel used by SPX Cooling Technologies offers higher yield and tensile strength and better fatigue resistance. It also cold-works faster to reduce thinning and provide higher strength in formed areas.

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