Industrial Utility Efficiency    

The System Assessment


It’s no secret the craft beer market has grown dramatically in North America.  Local


The temperature of wine must be kept stable throughout its production and storage in order to


Heat recovery opportunities have resulted in the largest amount of savings of our common projects


Long known as water hogs, resistance welders are widely used in factories that manufacture products


Industrial plants are major consumers of water. Water is used in many processes. Sustainability


Chiller & Cooling Best Practices interviewed Gregory Rhames, Asset Reliability Manager/Energy

Plastics and Rubber

Controlled cooling is an essential part of manufacturing polyethylene stretch film.  The

Oil & Gas

As with most major process plants, refineries and petrochemical plants periodically need to shut
If you enjoy the occasional beverage from an aluminum can, there’s a decent chance the can was made by Ball Corporation, a container manufacturing giant with facilities across the world. The company’s facility in Saratoga Springs, New York, services beverage companies throughout the northeastern United States. The plant operates four production lines producing millions of aluminum cans per day.
The number of data centers in the United States continues to grow in response to the enormous amount of digital information stored and streamed. The massive computer power within these data centers generates heat, making efficient cooling a key building system requirement. Evaporative cooling towers are an integral part of many data center cooling systems.
The 2017 AHR EXPO was held January 30 to February 1 in Las Vegas. The 2017 AHR Expo set several records, including attendance of more than 68,000 registered visitors and exhibitor personnel, as well as 500,159 square feet sold.  The Show was by far the largest and best attended Expo in the Western states, with some 1,968 exhibiting companies.