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Industrial Cooling Systems

Sidestream Condenser Precipitator Yields Energy and Water Savings

by Dan Wheatley, CEM-BEP-CEA, Energy & Fluids, Inc.

ElectroCell Systems, Inc., manufactures a system for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities that is applied to conventional water-cooled chilled water plants. The system significantly improves efficiency in water and energy use with paybacks in the 2.0 to 3.5 year range. The system is not a substitute for chemical treatment; rather it is a Condenser Water Efficiency system, engineered specifically and solely to increase water and energy efficiency by addressing the uniquely challenging demands that exist only in the condenser water loop.

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Cooling Towers & Chillers

VSD Chillers Deliver Energy Savings Under Real World Operation

by Fred Berry, Johnson Controls

Manufacturers are under continual pressure to control costs without affecting operations or worker comfort and safety. Because energy ranks as one of the largest operating expenses, improving energy efficiency of mechanical cooling systems is one of the best ways to reduce operating costs. In a typical water-cooled chiller plant, the chiller itself accounts for most of the energy consumption. That’s why improving chiller efficiency is critical to controlling operating costs.

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Adiabatic Cooling Keeps Pace with Growing Data Center Heat Density

by Adam Meyer, Technical Systems, Inc.

The demand for advanced computing power rises year after year, but the more powerful the system, the more heat it generates. As data centers grow, they place higher demands on cooling equipment. Packing as much kilowatt and computer usage into as small a space as possible is key to reducing the cost and size of the facility. In doing this, data centers increase the power density of their systems, drawing more power, and generating more heat per unit area.

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