Aggreko Awarded U.S. Patent for Rental Cooling Tower Systems


Aggreko, a global leader in energy solutions, announces it was granted Patent 11,844,541 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent applies to a cooling tower for evaporative cooling of water contained within an ISO-compliant shipping container frame that helps customers save space, reduce project installation times, and improve overall job site and worker safety.


A fleet of Aggreko rental cooling tower systems.


The patented solution integrates the versatility of a certified CSC shipping container with a purpose-built, modular cooling tower. This enables efficient transport by land, sea, and air without cost escalation and permit restrictions associated with transporting oversized loads. Its robust structural design and integrated telescoping substructure allow it to be used in hurricane-prone areas without the need for additional anchorage or structural engineering.

Aggreko’s latest offering of industrial cooling tower systems provides energy savings of up to 80%, enabling customers to reduce emissions and minimize their carbon footprint. Thanks to its innovative design, the space needed for installation on job sites is also reduced by 22%. Additional features such as gates, ladders, and stairs, ensure the safety of workers when accessing the towers, during and after installation. A simplified installation process also removes the need for a worker to be under the suspended load during the procedure, eliminating an additional hazard.

“This latest patent reaffirms our commitment to bringing unique capabilities, expertise, and innovation to customers with any temporary cooling tower need, no matter how significant or urgent,” said Billy Childers, Head of Cooling Tower Services at Aggreko. “From enabling solutions for industrial plant customers recovering from a cooling tower failure, to augmenting the capacity of an existing cooling tower, or providing temporary cooling services for planned system turnarounds, this patent aids in the delivery of our best-in-class service and support.”

Aggreko is a global leader in temporary cooling solutions, capturing up to 55% of the market – and the only company to offer this mobile, flexible, and adaptable containerized solution. An additional patent-pending submission will follow within the year and will serve as an integral part of the updated design.


About Aggreko

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