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October 2017 Edition

October 2017 Edition

Cooling Systems Optimization

Refrigeration Energy Efficiency Audit at a Myanmar Fish Processing Plant

By Bo Kuraa, BKU Consult

This article contains pieces from an audit report developed for a fish processing plant located in Yangon, Myanmar. is located in the Thinbawgin Ward of Dawbon Township in Yangon, Myanmar.  The objective is to show factories the information they may want to have gathered on their refrigeration systems and supporting cooling systems.

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A Review of Solid-Form Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

By Michael Hunter, APTech Group

Water treatment professionals understand that if applied correctly, solid-form products can be just as effective of a method to protect cooling and heating systems from corrosion and scale as their liquid counterparts. And with the additional sustainability, safety, ease of use, and shipping cost benefits of solids, hundreds of facilities are transitioning to these products each year world-wide.

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Cooling Towers & Chillers

Evaluating Air Compressor Cooling Systems

By Air Technology Group, Hitachi America

As the population continues to grow in the United States, industrial water use will need to continue to fall to help offset the increases in public-supply water use.  Water-cooled compressed air systems provide an opportunity for sustainability managers to reduce associated cooling water consumption and costs. If switching to air-cooled air compressors is not possible, understanding the costs and the alternative types of liquid cooling systems is important.

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