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March 2018 Edition

March 2018 Edition

Cooling Systems Optimization

Chiller Plant Optimization Saves Energy, Maintains Stable Lab Environment

By James Johnson and Jonathan Kosobucki

The Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR) connects scientists from the University of Maryland, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and industry to find solutions to major scientific and medical challenges. With one of the nation’s largest collections of high-resolution instruments, they look inside cells and manipulate molecules. IBBR researchers have figured out the molecular structure of proteins, unraveled the protein interactions involved in autoimmune disorders and discovered possible countermeasures for antibiotic resistance.

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Controlled Partial Electrolysis Optimizes Process Water Treatment

By Michael Boyko and Henry Mohrschladt, Dynamic Water

Industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment used in manufacturing and environmental control rely heavily on water to either cool, or otherwise regulate product or formulation temperature during processing. While such equipment can appear to function efficiently without input of truly pure water, the unknown cumulative build-up of scale and corrosion would be costly due to high maintenance, related damage, reduced efficiency, and ultimately, premature equipment failure.

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Cooling Towers & Chillers

How FM APPROVED Cooling Towers Help Reduce Risk

By Scott Maurer, SPX Cooling Technologies

As the population continues to grow in the United States, industrial water use will need to continue to fall to help offset the increases in public-supply water use.  Water-cooled compressed air systems provide an opportunity for sustainability managers to reduce associated cooling water consumption and costs. If switching to air-cooled air compressors is not possible, understanding the costs and the alternative types of liquid cooling systems is important.

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Show Report - Chillers and Cooling Towers at 2018 AHR EXPO

By Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Magazine

AHR EXPO is an incredible, powerhouse of a show for all involved in the cooling system industry. Since 1930, the Show has provided a unique forum for the entire HVACR industry, including OEMs; engineers; contractors; manufacturers; distributors; commercial, industrial and institutional facility operators.

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