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Focus on Industrial Utility Efficiency

The mission of Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Magazine is to help Energy Managers create Industrial Energy Savings and Water Reduction Projects.

Green Leaf iconOur content strategy is to provide Energy Managers with “Win/Win” project ideas and instructions. Content is provided to us by expert Energy Auditors and Energy Managers active in the field. These projects are focused on industrial manufacturing and process environments. In our definition, “Win/Win” projects provide attractive profits for the Company and for the Environment.

“Partial-mode free-cooling is made possible by separating the chiller and free-cooling systems – each heat exchanger sets using their own fans. In the partial free-cooling mode, the system starts to “free” cool when the ambient temperature is 3.6 °F below the fluid inlet temperature. Water is routed via a three-way valve first to the free-cooler and then it goes to the chiller. The controller automatically reduces the work of the compressors by throttling the cooling capacity by controlling the 3-way valve (which controls where the inlet water goes). During the transitional months of Fall and Spring, free-cooling acts as a pre-cooler and significantly reduces the work (and energy consumption) of the chiller.” (Don Joyce, “Innovative MTA Free-Cooling Chiller Systems.”)

The MTA Aries Free-cooling Chiller Systems

Content for Energy Teams

Industry has launched Sustainability Programs and Energy Management is an important component.  Energy Teams, with one representative per plant, are focusing on reducing the kWh and water consumption of their facilities. We interview Corporate Energy Managers in feature articles so that Energy Teams may learn from their experiences.

“No plant is the same, but the average tape plant has plastic extruder motors and electric heated dyes as the largest energy consumers. Other consumers are chilled water (20%), compressed air (3%) and lighting (1%). “(2014 Interview article with Michael Jones, Corporate Energy Team Leader, Intertape Polymer Group).

Intertape Polymer Group

Mike Jones, Doug Nalette, ENERGY STAR representative, and David Bennett from Intertape Polymer Group.

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