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Precise Cooling Temperature Control Ensures Quality and Increased Cycle Counts - Presenter Bert J. Wesley, P.E., Sr. Principal, Industrial Plant Engineering Practice Leader, Woodard & Curran.

Managing Cooling Tower Cycles of Concentration - Presenter Nick McCall, P.E., Technical Manager, Woodard & Curran - Sponsored by SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

When to Install VSD Chillers. Presented by Fred Berry and Spencer Fuller, Johnson Controls.

How Traditional Chiller Plant Design and Operation Reduces System Efficiency. Presented by Mike Flaherty, General Manager of tekWorx.

5 Energy Treasure Hunts for Chilled Water. Presented by Mike Flaherty, General Manager of tekWorx.

Best Practices 2020 ONLINE EVENT! Presentations Recordings

Live Keynote Presentations, Part 1

Live Keynote Presentations, Part 2

Cooling Tower Fundamentals, Kent Martens, Regional Sales Manager, SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., maker of Marley® Cooling Towers

Benefits and Designs of Free Cooling Chiller Systems, Tom Stone, National Sales Manager, Industrial Markets, Thermal Care

New Vapor Compression Technology to Reduce Heating & Cooling Operating Costs & CO2 Emissions, Drew Turner, Global Marketing Manager, Danfoss 

Waterside Economizer for Air-Cooled Chillers, Frank Silva, Product Manager, Air-Cooled Products, Carrier Commercial HVAC NA