Tower Tech Launches FM Approved FireStrong


Tower Tech USA, a leading cooling tower manufacturer, announced a momentous achievement as the only fully factory-assembled maker of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) cooling towers to receive an FM Approvals’ certification. 


A Tower Tech cooling tower installation.


This recognition demonstrates the company’s commitment to designing and manufacturing world-class cooling tower solutions that meet the highest standards of fire and storm safety. An FM-approved certification assures customers that the product they are investing in has undergone rigorous testing, meeting global standards for loss prevention against fire, wind, earthquakes and wind-borne debris from storms (hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos, etc.). 

“HVAC systems and cooling towers are a significant investment,” said Mathu Solo, President of Tower Tech. “An FM Approvals’ certification ensures that customers have a high-quality product able to withstand some of the biggest risks their towers may face, such as fires and storms. The auxiliary benefit of buying a cooling tower that meets the highest of safety standards also means that you are reducing your maintenance costs and enhancing the reliability of your HVAC systems. We’re proud to have earned approval from this globally recognized organization.”

The FM Approvals’ certification complements Tower Tech’s existing certifications for wind, seismic and missile impact, positioning the cooling towers as the most resilient, reliable and strongest in the industry. 

After thorough testing, the entire Tower Tech product line is now available in the FM-approved FireStrong configuration. Tower Tech offers the option to upgrade its products with FireStrong and StormStrong FRP composite technology. The FireStrong upgrade will help harden a facility for potential fires, and the StormStrong upgrade helps combat extreme weather. FireStrong is a value-add for key infrastructure projects that need to exceed standard resiliency specifications. 

About Tower Tech

Tower Tech is the leader in modular cooling tower design that has turned the industry upside-down by mounting fans on the bottom and introducing more efficient and innovative water-cooling technologies to the market. Our full line of open-circuit and closed-circuit towers lower the total lifetime cost of ownership and combat increased utility costs by saving water and electricity. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) components are factory-assembled in the USA in our ISO-certified facility. Tower Tech’s HVAC technology is installed around the world in commercial and industrial markets from data centers, industrial applications and power generation plants to hotels and universities. Tower Tech is part of Creative Composites Group – the largest structural composites manufacturing group in the U.S. For more information, visit