Best Practices 2023 EXPO Focus Area: Chiller, Cooling Tower, Blower and Vacuum System

The 5th annual and largest-ever Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference is taking place October 23-25, 2023 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The event offers visitors the unique opportunity to meet with technical leaders of the leading global manufacturers of chillers, cooling towers, blowers and vacuum systems. 

Co-Sponsored by the Cooling Technology Institute and featuring a special CTI Seminar, manufacturing, engineering firm and equipment sales personnel can get any technical questions answered directly from their chiller, cooling tower, blower and vacuum system vendors on the EXPO Floor, at the New Technology EXPO Classroom or in Conference Sessions.


New Technology EXPO Classroom – Presentations by Blower and Vacuum System Manufacturers

  • Application of Rental Blowers in Industrial Wastewater and Pneumatic Conveying, Meghan Babineaux, Regional Sales Manager, Aerzen Rental
  • From Compressed Air to Power Generation: Kaishan’s Vision for Building a Better, More Efficient Future, Dave George, President, Kaishan USA
  • Applications Vary by Pressure; Selecting the Right Technology, Mert Alpagut, Country Manager, Hertz Kompressoren


Conference Presentations by Chiller, Cooling Tower, Blower and Vacuum System Manufacturers and Experts

  • Cooling Technology Institute Engineering Resources & Cooling Tower Thermal Performance, Frank Foster, Membership Committee Chair, Cooling Technology Institute
  • Ageless Insights for Compressed Air, Cooling and Sustainability Success, Doug Barndt, Senior Manager-Engineering, The Campbell Soup Company
  • Energy & Water Best Practices at Givaudan, Bing Cheng, Director of Global Utilities, Givaudan
  • Engineering Cooling Systems for Maximum Production Output, Bert Wesley, Senior Principal Industrial Practice, Woodard & Curran
  • Centrifugal Air Compressor Cooling Water Mitigation, James Bristow, North American Sales Manager, Hanwha Power Systems
  • Ensuring Vacuum Quality in Food Packaging and Freeze Drying, Bryan A. Jensen, Engineered System Solutions Manager, Rogers Machinery Company
  • Most Chillers Are Operating Above Their Design Efficiency, Dan Mizesko, President, Dalkia U.S. Chiller Services
  • Water Consumption and Environmental Impact: How to Reduce Water Usage While Maintaining Production Goals, Rebecca Moore, Strategic Account Manager, Aggreko
  • Mystery of Industrial Chiller Failures Solved, With Creative Testing, Brian Justice, Director of Sales, Hudson Technologies
  • Central Utility Plant (CUP) Promises Reliability, Reduced Capital Cost, and Energy Savings, Suzan Sun-Yuan, PE, CDT, LEED AP, Technical Authority – Mechanical,  ESD Consulting Engineers/Stantec
  • Cooling Towers/Well Water Isolation with a Liquid-to-Liquid System to Protect the Compressors, Michael Wlodarski, Regional Sales Manager, HydroThrift Corporation
  • Cooling System Control Designs for High Efficiency and Reliability, Clayton Penhallengon Jr., Principal, Integrated Services Group
  • CTI Seminar: Fundamentals of Cooling Towers, Mark Pfeifer, Manager, Technical Services, SPX Cooling Tech
  • CTI Seminar: Fundamentals of Adiabatic Fluid Coolers, Andrew Sickler, Industrial Business Development Manager, Baltimore Aircoil Company
  • CTI Seminar: Fundamentals of Water Treatment, Jon Cohen, Digital Innovation Fellow, Buckman Chemical
  • Compressed Air and Cooling Water Systems: The Forgotten Additives/Ingredients in Dairy Products, Alex O’Brien – CGA, Food Safety / Quality Coordinator, Center for Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chiller, Cooling Tower, Blower and Vacuum System Technologies on the EXPO Floor (fixed, VSD, variable capacity drives; water- and air-cooled)

  • Cooling Towers: induced and forced draft, anti-microbial
  • Packaged Cooling Systems: closed-circuit, evaporative with pumps, closed loop chilled water with heat exchanger, dry coolers
  • Industrial Process Chillers (0.6 to 150 ton cooling capacity)
  • PD Rotary Lobe Blower (4-15 psig) & Vacuum Pumps (3” to 15” Hg)
  • PD Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps: 166 to 551 acfm, 10-29” HgV
  • PD Rotary Screw Blowers: 190 to 5650 cfm, 4.4 to 15 psig
  • Turbo blowers: magnetic bearing, single stage geared, high speed gearless, multistage centrifugal
  • Rental Blowers 
  • 15-58 psig (2-4 bar): low-pressure; lubricated and oil-free rotary screw


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About Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference

The Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference is devoted to Sustainable, Safe and Reliable On-Site Utilities Powering Automation – including compressed air, blower, vacuum, pneumatics and cooling water systems. Join manufacturing, engineering firm, and equipment sales personnel for Continuing Education (PDH Credits), Certification Exams and Networking Opportunities on October 23-25, 2023 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Visit