Carrier Launches i-Vu v9 Building Automation Software


Carrier has announced the release of its latest building automation software, i-Vu® v9. This new software redefines the standards of efficiency and user-friendliness in managing building operations, providing operators with the tools they need to streamline operations and optimize their buildings' performance in real-time. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.


Carrier has launched i-Vu v9, its latest building automation software.

“The suite of new features introduced in i-Vu v9 is tailored to meet the growing demands of efficient and sustainable building management,” said Mark Jones, Business Manager at Carrier Controls. By continuously refining and improving the i-Vu system, Carrier ensures that our customers are equipped with the necessary tools to help them optimize their Carrier HVAC systems and achieve their sustainability goals.”

Many of the new features of i-Vu v9 are aimed at enhancing the user experience. Operators can now enjoy improved navigation and functionality, making it easier than ever to manage their building environments. The software’s new alarm summary view allows operators to see where alarms are concentrated, enabling them to pinpoint areas with the highest frequency of alarms so they can allocate resources more effectively and respond more quickly to critical events. Filtering options, the ability to view alarms for a defined period and the capability to search for an alarm source or location also makes alarm management more intuitive.

i-Vu v9 also fosters an improved resource management feature. Project documentation can be added to the i-Vu system’s resource folder, and then links to those documents can be embedded in i-Vu graphics or system diagrams for easy reference while users are navigating the i-Vu system.

The evolution of protocol speeds and network architectures over time has significantly enhanced the efficiency and speed of controller downloads. With the introduction of i-Vu v9, users can leverage these faster download speeds to deploy controller updates more quickly. In addition to simultaneous downloads from the i-Vu server to BACnet routers on the IP network, v9 now allows up to ten simultaneous controller downloads to IP networks downstream of a BACnet router.

Security is also at the forefront of the i-Vu® v9 upgrade, per Carrier’s ongoing security commitment. With the new optional single sign-on (SSO) add-on, operators can integrate with the SAML 2.0 or OIDC identity provider of their choice to access their i-Vu system more conveniently and securely. This feature works seamlessly with the traditional i-Vu sign-in process, combining the ease of SSO with the robustness of i-Vu’s authentication framework. The latest software also includes a comprehensive, schedulable security report, providing operators with a detailed overview of their system’s security status at any time. In addition, user privilege improvements have been implemented so that operators now have greater granular control over user capabilities within the system.

i-Vu v9 also introduces a REST API for reading alarm data, allowing for seamless integration with third-party applications and systems. With this API, developers can design their own custom applications to leverage real-time data from the i-Vu system to improve response times to critical alarms and further automate for enhanced operational efficiencies.

With this update, Carrier continues to meet the evolving needs of building operators and owners by delivering innovative solutions that enhance user experience, security and operational efficiency for Carrier HVAC systems.


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