Delta T Systems New Chillers Use Tank Leveling Algorithm

Delta T Systems has launched new Modular Chiller units with built in variable speed pumps and tanks. The chillers are designed with an exclusive tank leveling algorithm designed to replace outdated and inefficient central chiller systems struggling to modernize. These new chillers combine variable speed technology with a proprietary auto tank leveling algorithm allowing manufacturers to eliminate the need for a separate pump tank which lowers upfront costs, achieves energy savings and reduces the risk of production downtime.

Delta T Systems new energy efficient modular chillers use exclusive tank leveling algorithm. 

These innovative chillers use redundant VFD pumps integrated in each unit making it possible to eliminate the need for a central pump tank, and a separate pump for hot and cold water processes. In addition, without the need for a central pump tank, installation costs are significantly lower compared to traditional central chiller systems.

Key benefits include:

  • Modular design and integrated system save money and reduce system footprint, as well as easing installation.
  • Industry leading proprietary tank leveling algorithm.
  • Complete flexibility in the configuration.
  • Redundant pump controls in each unit increases the reliability of the system.
  • Variable speed chillers can reduce electrical consumption by up to 50% over fixed speed units.
  • All units built using non-ferrous materials to prevent corrosion.

Modular Chiller Unit Capabilities:

  • Chillers are available in both water-cooled and air-cooled systems.
  • Supports up to 14 units in parallel with a total cooling capacity of up to 840 tons.
  • All modular units include an integrated PLC and HMI for redundancy.
  • Controls can be configured to a single main control for all modular units, with the ability to re-assign individual units.

Control program comes with all standard features:

  • Adaptive controls
  • Data logging
  • Touch screen
  • Remote monitoring
  • Industry 4.0 ready

These chiller’s unique flexibility allows for a variety of commercial and industrial applications such as die casting, injection molding, food processing, and many other industries.

About Delta T Systems

Delta T Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of chillers and temperature control systems based in Richfield, Wisconsin. With over 30 years of industry experience and a team of knowledgeable engineers, the company continues to bring cutting edge technology to the market. Their knowledgeable sales and support staff are available to assist engineers with application questions and standard as well as custom product specification that insure successful installation, operation and maintenance. For more information, visit