Thermal Care Updates Chillers with R‐454B & R‐513A


Thermal Care recently updated their chiller product lines with EPA approved low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R‐454B and R‐513A refrigerants. This release is significantly ahead of upcoming legislation to phase out high‐GWP refrigerants that contribute to climate change.

Governments around the world are implementing regulations to phase out refrigerants they
believe pose too much risk to global warming including R‐134a and R‐410A which are commonly used in chillers. The multitude of rulings and enforcement dates, along with the tight deadlines of state regulations have left manufacturers facing challenges in complying. Combined with the fact that low‐GWP refrigerants have different thermodynamic properties than high‐GWP refrigerants, so major component changes are required, many companies may find themselves unprepared or unable to produce equipment with the new components needed.

Thermal Care has researched and prepared for these changes for the past two years and is ready
to provide the appropriate solutions to meet these new requirements. While other manufacturers may struggle to find the right components, Thermal Care began implementing multi‐refrigerant compressors in early 2023. This allows us to offer low‐GWP compliant products today with the same cooling capacities and physical dimensions as our previous products.

“In 2024, 12 states will require low-GWP refrigerants and 11 more states are considering it. Those chiller manufacturers that can successfully shift to low‐GWP chillers will be well‐positioned to succeed,” said Mike Shupe, Product Manager. “Thermal Care has prepared for this transition and can offer low‐GWP compliant products immediately, well ahead of the required deadlines and helping to make a difference in the fight against climate change.”


About Thermal Care

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