Emerson Launches Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor


Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., has launched the second generation of its Copeland Scroll™ variable speed ZPV2 compressor and EV2 motor control drive for residential and light commercial applications.

“Our second generation, variable speed ZPV2 compressors and EV2 drives are optimized to increase efficiency across a range of conditions while maintaining the reliability that Copeland Scroll technology traditionally delivers,” said Brandy Powell, vice president variable speed at Emerson Climate Technologies Air Conditioning Business.


The Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor and motor drive

The Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor and motor drive


The second generation Copeland Scroll variable speed ZPV2 compressor features intermediate discharge valves to boost efficiency, optimized scroll elements for variable speed performance, positive displacement oil pump for enhanced reliability in low speed operation and brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor technology for maximum efficiency.

Integrated CoreSense™ technology is built into the new Copeland Scroll variable speed EV2 motor control drive for optimal compressor performance. Features include soft starting capability, controlled shutdown, scroll over temperature protection and high pressure cutout. In addition, the drive protects the compressor from operating outside of the design parameters and against electrical power variations.

The new Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors and motor control drives can enable system manufacturers to achieve industry leading 25+ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and 13+ Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). Homeowners and small businesses have experienced greater comfort and annual energy savings of up to 40% with HVAC systems featuring Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors.


About Emerson Climate Technologies

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business segment of Emerson, is the world’s leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The group combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, distribution, educational and monitoring services to provide customized, integrated climate-control solutions for customers worldwide. The innovative solutions of Emerson Climate Technologies, which include industry-leading brands such as Copeland Scroll™ and White-Rodgers™, improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment.


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