Frigel Displays Innovative 3PR Controller for Process Cooling at NPE 2015


Visitors to the Frigel booth W7991 at NPE 2015 will get a close look at the world’s most efficient and sustainable plastics process cooling system – now more adaptable to meet plastics processors’ specific needs.

Among the latest Frigel innovations on display will be the new 3PR Intelligent Control System, which provides processors with even easier and more precise control over their Frigel cooling systems. Featuring a unique 7", full-color touch screen interface, 3PR allows processors to achieve better closed-loop process cooling system accuracy with more data points at their fingertips.

As a next-generation controller, 3PR automatically adjusts the integrated Frigel cooling system to ensure optimum performance based on a wide range of system operating parameters. The controller provides users with extended functionality for monitoring and adjusting system parameters using real-time data to further enhance system performance. Troubleshooting features, combined with remote access capability, help operators quickly resolve issues and minimize downtime associated with routine maintenance. The controllers’ onboard memory further aids in troubleshooting and uptime by continuously storing key operating conditions, which can be downloaded for detailed analyses.

"The new 3PR Intelligent Control System allows processors to gain more control of the process cooling system with an intuitive HMI that relays information in the language specific to the user, versus software codes,” said Al Fosco, Global Marketing Manager at Frigel. “The controller is also easy to use and it allows for more efficient tracking of real time data to ensure optimal system performance."

Visitors to the booth will be able to experience 3PR’s intuitive controls first hand via an interactive touch-screen app.


Frigel App Screens

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Shown is a selection of data screens available on the new 3PR Intelligent Process Control System from Frigel. The intuitive display provides processors with even easier and more precise control over their Frigel cooling systems.

Other Frigel innovations on exhibit include:

  • Ecodry 3DK Closed Loop Adiabatic Liquid Cooler: The next generation of Frigel’s patented adiabatic system is easily adaptable to any climate, system or process. The system gives processors the ability to increase water and energy savings, improve cooling precision, reduce maintenance and save space.
  • Microgel Chiller/TCUs: Frigel’s compact, portable units are available as single- or dual-zone models with water- or air-cooled options, which allow users to maintain precise, microprocessor-controlled temperature at molding machines. When compared to central chillers, Frigel Microgel units save 60 percent of energy costs and also conserve space.

Frigel’s exhibit will also showcase the VFD Pump Set, HB-Therm Temperature Control Unit and the Turbogel Temperature Control Unit. Digital presentations will be available on all of these products, also including Frigel’s complete line of central chilling systems.


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Based in Florence, Italy, Frigel Firenze SpA designs, manufactures and services advanced process cooling equipment for customers worldwide. Foremost among Frigel’s products is the Ecodry system, a unique, closed-loop intelligent cooling system, which is proven to dramatically reduce water and energy use and maximize production in thousands of installations. Frigel also provides high-efficiency central chiller units as well as a full range of precise machine-side temperature-control units to meet specific needs of diverse applications. Visit for more information.