Water Treatment Solution Lets Mother Nature Do the Work

Ongoing water treatment is part of every company's effort to ensure its industrial chiller and cooling systems run efficiently and reliably – and importantly – help protect the environment.

While most rely on chemicals for water treatment, others are finding success in what can be accurately and fairly described as a green solution because it takes the form of a moss. More precisely, this plant-based alternative to chemical water treatment leverages the properties of sphagnum moss, and it’s being harvested, processed and sold as ProMoss™ to companies throughout North America by Creative Water Solutions (CWS), Plymouth, Minnesota.


ProMoss™ is a plant-based water treatment solution harvested and sold by Creative Water Solutions (CWS), Plymouth, Minnesota.


Chiller & Cooling Best Practices interviewed Dr. David Knighton, Co-founder and Co-owner of CWS to gain insight into the technology.

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